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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Wayne Gretzky

Bid Brave

Bidding is more than answering questions. Your end client must want to work with you, to feel you are the perfect choice. Only powerful and persuasive words can do this.

The levers of this emotive language need to be cleverly built into your technical solution for the best submission. We combine state-of-the-art communication practice and bid design, with the detailed knowledge of writers, to make sure you’re memorable for the right reasons.

Over 17 years of bidding we find the best projects combine:




An energised


A Winning Process

When you work with us, you’ll find an ally with unsurpassed energy.

The people with the clearest vision of what is in front of them, both triumphs and risks, who still persevere on, are the boldest. We’ll work tirelessly to support you through the most important and toughest challenges you’re bidding to win.

Here’s how:

This diagram shows how key communication activities relate to, and bind together, key bidding activities. Ideally, we start working with clients before the PQQ stage to help them strategise their market position. In the scenario above, we start with analysis and insights to inform both the communication and bid strategies and throughout the bidding cycle we embed language, style and brave behaviours for success.

Bold Talent

We believe there are 8 key roles to winning bids. As much of the terminology is used in similar settings to indicate different functions, we have defined each of the following:

Bid Lead

Focuses on the strategy, brave actions and procedures involved from before writing begins right through to submission.

Bid Integrator

Plans and tracks bid activities, analyses risks, and adapts to unforeseen problems. Reports on progress throughout the bid.

Lead Bid Writer

All the activities within Bid Writer and contributes to directing the bid and/or team activities by providing challenge, bold ideas, and solutions.

Bid Writer

Researches, drafts, and challenges written responses and incorporates the communications campaign.

Technical Specialist

Brings expertise in a specific area of sector knowledge e.g., sustainability, new engineering solutions, the end client etc. to inform the bid.

Bid Designer / Formatter

Designs creative concepts and page layouts to meet the campaign’s requirements to attract attention and enhance the reading experience.

Creative Designer

Produces winning artwork in campaign themes for packaging, design books, PR outputs, displays, AR presentations, and more.

Presentation Coach

Empowers teams to communicate with a variety of audiences in different situations. Suggests dynamic ways to present suited to each member of the presenting team.

Our Projects

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Having worked on 334 bids in the past 10 years, across sectors including construction, highways, transportation, energy, tourism, civil engineering and more, we have many stories to tell. Here are three of our recent projects which all had great results, and great lessons to learn.

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