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We love bids! Not many people will admit that, or feel the same, but over our decades of experience we’ve ridden every type of bid rollercoaster and love that we still continue to learn everyday. Here’s how we help bring your bid to life:

Start with truly understanding each other


We go deep into who you are and who your client is, listening to what you both want and are aiming for in the work you do, and what will bring you together. When your team has something to believe in, telling your story together is easy.

  • Discourse Analysis – to speak the same language
  • Bid Strategy – to move forwards together with clear direction
  • Comms Lead – to evolve your communications
  • Client Touch-points – to reach the hearts and minds of decision-makers outside of the written bid

Bid Delivery & Writing

From journalists to Nobel-Prize winners to business leaders to screenwriters, our bid teams are made up of professionals who bring the best of their industries to the world of bidding.

  • Bid Lead – guides and challenges, puts your client first
  • Bid Integrator – knows every page of the bid and what is the next task
  • Bid Writer – listens to you, finds the right words to express your true meaning

Communicating the reason why you should win

Designing your bid

Look and Feel

JV branding, bid templates, bid packaging design, bid layout and client presentation concepts are just some of the ways we communicate your story confidently and consistently.

  • Design Concepts
  • Templates
  • Infographics & Diagrams
  • Photography & Film
  • CGI Animation & Phasing
  • Packaging
  • Interactive Apps


People buy people, and your client wants to be confident you are the team they can trust to deliver. How do you do it right? This depends on the style and characters on your people and your client’s - adapting to this is crucial.

  • Social Media – share your voice and key stories
  • Presentation Training – different tools and roles to get the best out of every situation
  • Customer Engagement – hearing your client and building a story with them

Helping your team sell themselves

Over two decades we’ve found bid and design solutions for a diverse range of clients and companies of all sizes. From FTSE 100 giants to start-ups, it’s the challenge which inspires us:

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