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We love bids! Not many people will admit that, or feel the same, but over our decades of experience we’ve ridden every type of bid rollercoaster and love that we still continue to learn everyday. Here’s how we help bring your bid to life:

Start with
in-depth analysis


We delve beneath the surface of both you and your client to find out what they really want and what will bring you together. When you have something to believe in, telling your story is easy.

  • Discourse Analysis
  • Bid Strategy
  • Comms Lead
  • Client Touch-points

Bid Delivery & Writing

From journalists to Nobel-Prize winners to business leaders to screenwriters, our bid teams are made up of professionals who bring the best of their industries to the world of bidding.

  • Bid Lead
  • Bid Integrator
  • Bid Writer

Writing and delivering your bid communications

Designing and
producing your bid


JV branding, bid templates, bid packaging design, bid layout and client presentation concepts are just some of the ways we communicate your story confidently and consistently.

  • Bid Communications
  • Design Consultancy
  • Templates
  • Infographics
  • Photography
  • CGI Animation & Phasing
  • Packaging
  • Diagrams
  • Interactive Apps
  • Film


People buy people, so when your client needs to buy a service you need to be the one they have confidence in. You are the people they can trust to deliver. How do you do it right? Talking to us for ideas is a start.

  • Social Media
  • Presentation Training
  • Customer Engagement

Selling your team

Over two decades we’ve found bid and design solutions for a diverse range of clients and companies of all sizes. From FTSE 100 giants to start-ups, it’s the challenge which inspires us:

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