The right amount of this, a little of that
Behind every winning bid is a strong story. It’s what we do

It’s your bid. Add Lee. Add Becky. Add Andy. Add Laurence. Add Matt. Add more. You can tap into a rich thread of bid experience by opening a dialogue with our bidding and communication experts.

Until you are the selected contractor, it’s all just talk. When words are the only commodity you have to trade, you’ll need to make them persuasive and compelling. Our team has an unparalleled quantity and quality of experience to help you deliver the right messages. Finding the perfect balance of solutions and evidence for your bid is powerful science with Blue Edge. Add chemistry to your communication.


our Brighton Studio ↓

Andy Warren

Managing Director

I work with all our clients to develop a solid communication strategy that fits our client's brief. Bridging the gap between rational strategy and winning creative execution is where we stand out from the crowd.

Lee Salvidge

Creative Director

Here at Blue Edge it’s my job to deliver a fresh approach to our clients' bid communication. Helping to tell good stories, I always try to find different ways to see things.

Matt Stilwell

Bid Services Manager

As a Bid Manager by trade, I feel your pain! I understand the rigours of bidding and am here to help make the road a little less treacherous. I ensure that the communication strategy created by our design team, meets your client’s exacting requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Becky Filtness

Operations Manager

I spend all day doing what I love – talking! As a trained linguist and the key liaison between our teams and our clients, my focus is on clear communication and service with a smile. “C’est un plaisir, pas un devoir."

Laurence Filtness

Digital Producer

My role at Blue Edge is, in my opinion, the best. I take all the awesome designs cooked up by our team and build something cool, exciting and interactive. Plus, I get to play with a lot of hi-tech toys.

Sacha Hills

Graphic Designer

Being the studio's Graphic Designer, I have to (try to) be clever every day. ­­­Not quantum physics clever, but the sort of clever to be able to tell a story. For me, it's all about exploring your bid as creatively as possible... and using as many colours as I can.

Amardeep Shina

Office Manager

I like to think that I keep the mundane parts of the business (which I love) ticking over with little fuss or bother. Whatever you need, from a toner cartridge to an invoice paid on time, I'm the one to ask!

George Hadley

Senior Designer (Associate)

From first thoughts and sketches, crafting and tweaking on screen, to the tactile qualities of paper and ink. I’m hands on at every stage of our creations.

Simon Kirkham

Copywriter (Associate)

Where there are winning bids, there are messages that cut through the clutter to engage the audience. You wont win if your words don’t stand out, convince and inspire.

Lindsey Parkin

Workshop Facilitator (Associate)

With pressure to win and precious little time to wander around getting to know one another, it’s critical to make every minute count. I help your team move more efficiently towards the common goal, the win.

Paul Ledger

Developer (Associate)

At heart I'm a geek, always have been, always will be. After 28 years in IT, I bring extensive knowledge to Blue Edge. I turn their fantastic ideas and visuals into smooth, functional and informative apps.

Justin Ross

Artworker (Associate)

Our printed submissions can be thousands of pages long. I’m the lucky guy who ensures consistent and clean formatting, right down to your very last line. Luckily, I’m an attention to detail addict.

Mark Sheerin

Copywriter (Associate)

I’m an experienced copywriter. I’m a trained journalist. And when the two roles come together, I weave the words and spin the stories that make Blue Edge bid campaigns hard to resist.

Pat Thomas

Bid Lead (Associate)

I work with you to ensure that your client's requirements are at the centre of your bid. I’ll show you how to support their business drivers and objectives as well as the specific requirements of the work you want to win.

Paul Sharville

Bid Lead (Associate)

Extracting the best bid from a large team of authors requires a varied mix of abilities. My journalistic background provides the skills to work with both people and stories. I can get under the surface of your submission and make a real impact.

James Milner

Document Co-Ordinator (Associate)

I make your work flow. Your winning bid submission should be the one you spent most of your time writing, not fixing, or finding. When things get complex, people turn to me to deliver the seamless bid they know they need.


our wider network ↓

Sourcing the right person to deliver your bid is something we focus on by vetting and interviewing our extended network of associates before using them. We try to find the perfect fit with our bid writers, bid specialists and bid co-ordination experts.

Bid Writers: We have some of the bid industry’s best writers as part of our offering, supported by the Blue Edge core team.

Bid Specialists: From BIM experts, collaboration facilitators, programme management, PR, sustainability and behavioural trainers, we have a complete offering of bid specialists to support your submission.

Bid Co-ordinators: When you’ve got the best people co-ordinating your bid, you might not know they’re even there. The co-ordination role is so vital to a fully functioning bid submission, you will only really notice how much you need them when they are not there. They are the engine room of a powerful bid. Don’t set off without them.

Integration into Blue Edge’s core team gives our associates a firm understanding of the communication needs and background to you and the project. This momentum becomes evident as they merge seamlessly into your bid team, bringing experience and expedience with them.