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Bid: HS2

Client: Carillion, Eiffage & Kier (CEK)


There are few projects that come our way here at Blue Edge, which need the combined resource of three of the largest players to come together in a JV just to bid for the opportunity.

A new venture

In the world of construction, Carillion, Eiffage and Kier need little introduction. But as a joint venture, we realise CEK will sound a little less familiar. All three of them are adept at building infrastructure and rail engineering, but how could they be as good at coming together to build a lasting relationship with HS2?

Our clients task is clear: the delivery of HS2, on time, on budget and on good terms with the stakeholders up and down the line. The vision is for a high-speed network that will be the envy of rail users the world over.

There are many unknowns in this project looking forward; HS2 needs someone who is open-minded and innovative to tackle all the potential problems in the future, as the real success of this project will come from positive attitudes and approach to collaboration. HS2 have a grand vision for this project – they want people who are on board.

↑ bid office win theme poster

We had to position our team as the people who are sitting right beside HS2, leading on innovation and forward thinking. Using our experience on this type of project to make HS2 feel more comfortable about the journey.

We needed them to get on board with us.

The bid process

The two-year procurement process for HS2 was another opportunity to create a narrative with many chapters. CEK knew the opportunity was a massive one, but needed to let HS2 know that along this process they were ready to listen and adapt to the changing requirements.

CEK would be measured not just on their ability to deliver the size of infrastructure in question, but on behaviours and the way they deal with other contractors, the public and all concerned stakeholders. We needed a simple and strong graphic approach from which to broadcast the messages they wanted to communicate.

We helped them create a central bidding office and provided collateral to dress the area, regularly updated messages around the office in the form of posters, signage and a website. Whenever the opportunity arose to help them put forward a strong presence, such as supplier’s days, rail events, press ad’s and leave-behind booklets: we gave voice to their overriding campaign message.

Everyone needs to be inspired to deliver more, to keep in mind what this project could provide, how it will provide a world leading high speed rail project. We need to sound like a cheerleader of what’s possible.

When projects of this scale and complexity come along, what will we need to say to ourselves and everyone involved?

Let’s go to….. EXCEPTIONAL

↑ Our Campaign for CEK

↑ Graphic Elements and Approach to art direction

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