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Bid: City of Glasgow College

Client: GLQ (Sir Robert McAlpine & Partners)


Our client told us that, as local Glaswegians, they wanted to make a real difference in their community by helping to provide a world class facility for young people right in their neighbourhood. Sir Robert McAlpine have been a contractor with a massive presence in the area for over 150 years, constructing landmark buildings throughout the city and well beyond. This key city centre project was one they were very hungry to win.

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Our role was to really challenge them and discover what it was that the client would want in a construction partner. SRM have good experience of projects just like this, but could they persuade the client that they really ‘GOT’ what it was that Glasgow City College wanted for the future?

The moment of enlightenment

After a very in-depth strategy workshop we uncovered some very strong beliefs coming from the SRM team. A belief in the future of Glasgow as a powerhouse of creativity and innovation. A belief that they have the opportunity to make this happen. Belief in Glasgow as an enlightened city. This theme allowed the team to join in the story of the bid with their client, to mirror the same aspirations. We needed a strong, contemporary JV brand with which to allow the team to have constant dialogue, while leveraging their in-depth knowledge of modern learning environments.

↑ campaign strapline

We created a very unique look and feel for both the submission and the JV branding. The two approaches had to be drawn from the same inspiration, but would also have to deliver a long reaching and flexible campaign for SRM.

↑ An evolving campaign

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↑ Executive summary & added value booklets

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The energy from a strong team

The use of cut-out photography of the team and the cityscape created a very future focused feel to the submission, playing to the collaborative nature of the team. We wanted to capture some of the real energy that the team had for this project, depicting them as animated and effervescent.

↑ Team photography

The complex three stage submission process required the team to keep up this level of energy for the client, throughout the procurement. We depicted this energy as a ball of light that surrounded many of the key submission elements: As a graphic device on divider pages, light trails joining key messages on the text pages and as a ribbon of energy that joined the elements and scenes in an immersive three-minute film delivered on an iPad.

↑ stills from the learning journey film

Challenging themselves and us

GLQ’s vision was of a brighter Glasgow, creating a legacy that would energise many generations to come. To do this they needed to challenge behaviours they had been relying on, to deliver an exemplar project for Glasgow. The GLQ team embraced our campaign approach, really believing that the key messages were the right voice with which they could speak to the Glasgow City College client. A voice the end client clearly liked.

“It’s the sum of the parts that have made the win and that includes Blue Edge."

Martyn Bentley – Head of Construction Bids – Sir Robert McAlpine